Temporary Residence

Visitor visa

If you want to visit Canada for less than six months, as a student, tourist, for business, or to visit friends or family, you will need a visitor visa if you are a citizen of one of these countries.

In most countries a visitor visa will take one week to process, however it is better to plan two or three months in advance as it may take more time to prepare your application.

Immigration Official Fees

The following amounts are the official fees that have to be transferred to the Canadian Government to process the applications. The fees are provided in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change without notice. They do not include the Martineau & Mindicanu service fees.

Canadian Education System

The Canadian Education System is governed, funded and supervised by federal, provincial, and local governments, but it is the responsibility of the provincial (territorial) governments. Universities have their own administration, while the educational programs of the schools are administrated by the school boards.

The majority of the elementary and secondary schools are public, the education being free of charge and available for everyone. There are also religious (catholic, protestant, Jewish, Muslim, etc.) schools and private schools (about 8% of students are in private schools).

Canadian Health System

The Canadian health system is funded by the Government and is based on five principles: is accessible without any income barriers, is comprehensive in the services it covers, is publicly administered, universally available to citizens and permanent residents, and is portable within and outside the country.