Temporary Residence

Visitor visa

If you want to visit Canada for less than six months, as a student, tourist, for business, or to visit friends or family, you will need a visitor visa if you are a citizen of one of these countries.

In most countries a visitor visa will take one week to process, however it is better to plan two or three months in advance as it may take more time to prepare your application.

Study permit

Optional if you come to Canada for less than six months, mandatory for longer stays. A study permit usually takes 3 months to process though delays may vary according to your country of residence and personal situation.

A study permit is a good way to stay in Canada with a status that is more stable than that of a visitor. If you study a diploma or certificate full time, you may be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during classes and work full time while on academic vacation. If your spouse accompanies you, he or she may be allowed to work full time while your kids may study.

Foreign students in Canada with a study permit valid for one year or more may apply for permanent residence, if they qualify. See if it’s your case!

A good tip for candidates to permanent residents who cannot qualify is to come to Canada as a student, for a diploma or a language course. This way you may qualify under a provincial immigration program.

Work Permit

If you have or represent a Canadian business and you plan to recruit a foreign worker, you will need your employee to obtain a work permit. Martineau & Mindicanu’s experienced team will guide your company and your employee through all the steps of the application.