What are the fees for your services?
Every file is unique, depending on the type of visa, the case complexity and your profile. Therefore the consultation fees are reasonably and fairly established on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have to pay your fees in full amount from the beginning?
The balance is paid in instalments at each step of the application process. We can offer flexible instalment options for your convenience.

How long would it take to obtain the Canadian permanent residence?
The processing times depend on the immigration program, your country of origin, the number of requests the visa office receives and any complications that may occur during your immigration process (i.e. medical problems).

How can I communicate with the consultants if I am not in Canada?
Nowadays, the distance is not a problem anymore. We keep in touch with our clients via e-mails, video conferences (Skype, Messenger), chat and telephone.

What is you confidentiality policy?
Your privacy is important for us. All the information about our clients is kept in strict confidence.

Do I have to sign a contract in order to hire you?
Yes, you and your consultant will sign a contract that establishes all the conditions and duties of each part. The contract is meant to protect both you and the consultant. However, no contract is required for the evaluation interview

What is the evaluation interview about? How much does it cost?
The evaluation interview allows us to deeply understand your project and to determine with you what steps should be taken in order to achieve your goals in Canada. Also, clients with specific questions benefit from the evaluation interview by receiving personalized answers. The honoraria for the one-hour evaluation interview are 180 CAD. Those honoraria are deducted from the service fees after you sign a contract with us.

I want to immigrate to Canada. How can you help me with the integration part?
We believe that immigration is not only a matter or paperwork and visa; it’s about successfully re-building your life in a new country, a new environment and a new culture. Our clients benefit from our intercultural expertise and are counseled in many aspects of the professional, social and cultural integration. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we will help you with:

  • Professional integration: We assist you in order to have more effective and adapted resumes and job interviews, we provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about job prospects and your field of industry, and we counsel you in order to homologate your diplomas in Canada and obtain your professional license.
  • Social and cultural integration: Depending on your future city of residence, we will detail the costs of housing, goods and services and provide you with references about the climate, cultural events and the public transportation system. We will also help you to open your first bank account and get your first credit card in Canada at no fee, get your social and medical insurance cards and driver license, and will give you tips on how to choose your new home. Furthermore, because we understand the need to stay connected to your culture, we will refer you to the community association of your country of origin in Canada.