Personalized Approach

Because Canadian immigration law is complex and your own personal situation is unique, you may need personalized help to have an answer to your questions on immigration. Your consultant will determine with you what program best fits your profile and your projects so that you may get the visa that you want, as fast as you want. You may also use the personalized consultation to review your file if you are preparing an application for any visa to Canada.

You are invited to schedule your one-hour consultation on immigration by clicking here.

You can also hire us to represent you before the Canadian government for your whole process. In that case the fees of your one-hour consultation will be deducted from the total honoraria. Having your own consultant will bring you the advantage of building a client-consultant relationship where you will have permanent access to consultations as part of your service agreement. Your situation will be well known to your consultant and you will get to know well a trustworthy professional working for you. Therefore you will have the best possible advice when any change happens in your family, at work and in your plans.