Professional Services

According to Canadian Law, only a Canadian Lawyer, a Quebec Notary or a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council may represent or advise you for a fee. It is very important that you make sure that you are assisted by an authorized representative; otherwise you may see your application refused, face legal challenges and have no legal protection.

You may verify that a consultant is authorized here:

The certified consultants at Martineau & Mindicanu can represent you in front of the immigration authorities of the federal and provincial governments, including Quebec. They fulfil many obligations to obtain and maintain their professional title. They study – a lot and constantly – and pay high membership fees, maintain a legal library, attend courses and pass exams, all of which represent a high investment from which their clients are the first beneficiaries.

Top reasons why hire us:

  • we are certified, experienced and trained to represent you
  • we look after your best interests and protect your rights
  • we minimize the weak points of your file
  • you save time and effort
  • you are served in your language
  • you are well prepared to increase your chances of a successful interview or even pass without an interview

After years of unscrupulous behaviour from uncertified and incompetent immigration consultants, you are making a smart decision by choosing Martineau & Mindicanu. Our team allies youth and experience to serve you with intelligent, dynamic and dependable advice. We bring you personalized attention in your own language and help you achieve the best results as fast as possible.