Whether you intend to immigrate, work, study or visit Canada, we are here to help you achieve yours goals.

There are various types of Canadian immigration programs, each with different requirements from the federal and provincial governments. We will provide you full assistance so that you and your family may obtain the visa you wish for and deserve. Moreover, we will prepare you for a smooth integration into the Canadian society.

List of services:

  • Permanent residence visa (regular and fast-track programs):
    • Skilled workers
    • Quebec Skilled workers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Investors
    • Self-employed
    • Family Reunification
    • Provincial nominees
    • Canadian Experience Class
    • Quebec Experience Class
  • Temporary residence visa:
    • Study Permits
    • Work Permits
    • Visitor Visa
    • Live-in Caregiver
  • Refugees
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Language courses

Thorough and complete consulting services:

  • Immigration process
    • Evaluation of your profile
    • Determination of the best options to immigrate
    • Preparation for the interviews with government officials
    • Preparation of the business plan (for entrepreneurs).
    • Conferences on Canadian immigration, education, economy, industry and culture
  • Preparation for the labour market
    • Information about job opportunities in your field and related professions
    • Counselling to obtain your comparative evaluation of studies and recognition of your credentials and professional title.
  • Education Counselling
    • Counselling to find the best academic institution for your or your children's study projects (university, college, school or language school), and to complete the admission process.
  • Useful Information
    • Cost of living (housing, food, transportation, etc.)
    • Cultural and social activities
    • Driver’s licence, social insurance card, medical insurance
    • Public transportation in your city
    • Principal health centres, primary and secondary schools
    • Hints to better choose your apartment or house
    • Useful tips and answers to your personal inquiries